As a Realtor®, you’ve gone through cyclical trends and different seasons where you’re so busy you cannot keep up or you’re so slow you don’t know how to get it out that rut. You also must act as a trusted advisor to your client, providing them with the insight on the best strategy to sell their home within reasonable expectations. Every homeowner looking to sell has a goal, whether it be money or time. A website, called, shows historical trends and graphics that talks mostly about why timing is everything when it comes to selling a home.

There’s always going to be a length of time in which it’s going to take you to sell your home, from the time it’s listed to the time it ends up closing. On a national level, the best time of year to sell a home the fastest is going to be spring, while the longest time it will take to sell a home is in the winter.

According to the website, April is a very good month to list a home in Florida, as the average time on the market is 73 days. Although, since the local market has been doing so well recently, almost anytime throughout the year is going to be a good time to sell a home. Also, since the strength of the dollar is doing well against certain foreign currencies, there is definitely a lot of international interest in the Orlando real estate market.

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