The title company is the hub of the real estate transactions once the property is under contract with the buyer and seller. The title company communicates with all parties involved in the transaction and prepares documents to facilitate the title transfer, as well as the funding for the transaction.

An important part of the title company’s job is reviewing the property’s history and title and then determining what needs to be done to insure proper title to both the new owner and the lender. The title company has trained professionals who search all of the appropriate records to ensure that the person or persons who claim to be the owners of the property are in fact, the correct persons to transfer title and that no one else may claim any form of ownership. The search will also determine any outstanding mortgages, judgments, homeowner’s association requirements, liens or taxes that remain unpaid, easements, right of ways, or other matters of record that may affect your ownership.

After this, the title company will conduct the closing process, which involves a few steps in itself. These steps include: collecting and disbursing all the necessary funds to complete the sale and transfer of real estate, recording all required documents in the public records, and issuing the owner’s and lender’s title insurance policies to the appropriate persons.

At the time of closing, a mortgage title insurance policy will be issued to the lender, giving them the protection necessary to protect their interest in the property. Also at this time, the owner’s title policy begins protecting them against a financial loss by reason of any claims against their ownership in the purchased property.

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