Florida is replete with insurance: car insurance, home insurance, hurricane insurance, flood insurance, wind insurance, et cetera. The amounts for insurance premiums continue to rise as land becomes more scarce and the population increases. Orlando closing agent, Real Estate Closing Solutions, presents state licensed Florida mitigation inspector John Staab’s tips on how to reduce your Florida homeowner’s insurance premiums.

  • If your home was built after October 1, 2005, chances are your roof looks like a square bowl atop your house (a hip roof), your walls are anchored to the foundation, and your garage door is much stronger than those designed previously. To verify if your home meets specific guidelines to construction, view thisUniform Mitigation Verification Inspection form.
  • A licensed professional (building or residential contractor, building inspector, architect, engineer, or certified building code official) will thoroughly inspect your home to determine which safety features may reduce your wind and/or hurricane insurance by 20% to 50%. The average inspection fee is $100 to $150, which is well worth the cost with premiums escalating.
  • All licensed professionals are regulated byThe Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Check their website to verify your professional is registered and if his or her license is up to date.
  • An inspection is valid for five years, or until you have a major reconstruction project on your property.
  • The inspector will look for eight structural points on the inspection. Six are roof-related; the other two focus on construction type and opening protection.
  • A four-point inspection covers the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) portion of your home, electrical, plumbing, and roof components. Older homes are often required to undergo a four-point inspection for renewal of existing policies.
  • A quick fix for lowering your insurance rate is to ensure your front door and garage door are impact-resistant.
  • For the biggest bang for your buck, install impact resistant doors and hurricane shutters. These reduce your insurance, add to the value of your home, and make your home more appealing to future buyers.
  • Gable-end bracing secures your roof to the building structure. This may be accomplished with additional lumber supports and bolts in your existing attic.
  • Once your house has been inspected and the information has been give to you by the professional inspector, forward the results to your insurance company. Florida law requires all insurance companies offer premium discounts for the structural integrity features and upgrades listed on the report.

Contact a licensed professional to inspect your home today to verify if it meets wind and hurricane code. The money you invest now will be paid back in less than a year in decreased insurance costs. Contact Orlando closing agent RECS at (407) 615-8550 or browse the rest of our website to learn more about homeowner’s insurance and all other aspects of owning your home.