Are you nervous about asking questions when buying a home? Sometimes buyers don’t ask their closing agent everything that’s on their mind. Unfortunately, that’s a mistake. You don’t want to go into a home purchase unclear on vital details.

To help you feel better about the questions you have, we’re listing the absolute strangest questions asked by home buyers. Once you see the questions other Realtors and agents have fielded, you won’t have any concerns about asking the questions on your mind!


  • How do you keep alligators from coming up the toilet?


Ok, we understand that in Florida you might wonder about alligators in waterways close to your home. But in your home? Through the sewer and toilet? Even we were stumped by this one.


  • Can we sue the previous owner for not disclosing that the neighbor is loud and obnoxious?


Well, full disclosure is a law. However, it only applies to the home itself, not to the neighbors or surrounding neighborhood. So, while you may want your neighbor to quiet down, it’s not necessarily the homeowner’s fault.


  • Does the car in the driveway come with the house?


You can negotiate to have several things included in the sale. Some common items include hot tubs, appliances, and even furniture. But most sellers draw the line at including their car – we wouldn’t count on that one!


  • Can I move in, paint, or renovate before we close?


Sometimes home buyers are in a hurry and want or need to move as soon as possible. It’s a common situation, but that doesn’t mean you can move in before close. Everything must be signed, sealed, and delivered before you can live there or make any changes.


  • How long after closing do I have to change my mind about the house?


This kind of goes along with the previous question. Closing is the final bell – once you close, you own the house. There’s no changing your mind after that! If you decide you don’t want the home anymore, you then have to sell the home to another buyer.


  • Can I defer my mortgage payments until I’m done decorating or renovating?


While we understand that buying a home is a big financial responsibility, you do have to make the payments from the very beginning. There’s no grace period to allow you to use your money to decorate instead of paying the mortgage. Sorry!


  • Can I use my cars/jewelry/antiques as a down payment for the house?


If you choose to do this, you would have to sell them for cash, and then use the cash. A bank will not be interested in directly accepting cars or jewelry or other goods as a down payment.

There you have it! Seven unusual questions that will probably make you feel better about the completely normal ones you actually have. Don’t be afraid to ask; we’re happy to help!


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