Some of the best listing advice I have ever heard was to stop talking about listing homes and start talking about selling homes!  It is a powerful paradigm shift that puts Realtors in a better state of mind to sell more homes and to prepare for success!

Your very first step in this selling process is to put yourself in your seller’s shoes. What do most sellers want and what are they looking for?

In order to sell more, you must have some fundamental attributes, attitudes and abilities that ALL sellers are looking for and then have a specific strategy to meet each need.  Here is what many experienced Realtors would say most sellers are looking for:

  • Strong advocate for their interests and goals
  • Genuinely excited about selling their home
  • Knowledgeable as to process, practices and determining a valid and fair price for their home
  • Good, reliable and consistent communicator…both good and bad news
  • Upfront and Honest

How do you rank in each of these areas and how are you going to “close the deal” with your prospective seller?

There are no shortcuts in life or business. Success is driven by your willingness to prepare.  For instance, to be a strong advocate of your seller’s interests and goals you need to know their interest and goals. Seems rather obvious but each seller is different. How do you specifically plan for and determine their interests and goals early in the sales process? Do that well and see your sale percentage rocket up!

Here are some other quick tips and best practices to get you thinking about your listing and sales strategies. Provided at the end are some additional great resources to expand your expertise and grow your business.

  • Best way to sell almost anything is to have a list of satisfied customers and their testimonials to share.
  • Do you have a list of pre-interview questions so that you don’t waste your time with an unrealistic or unmotivated seller? You should have a certain level of comfort before spending any research or preparation time on a new listing opportunity. This is extremely important with short sale sellers who generally need more education and direction.
  • What steps do you have in place to determine you are actually talking and dealing with the actual owner? Safety and fraud considerations should never be far out of your thoughts.
  • There are a lot of Realtors that specialize in representing buyers… Do you know who they are and how to get in touch with them for your new listings?
  • Be creative…
    • Ever thought about partnering with a home inspector and make the inspection part of your listing recommendation? The more you and the seller know the better your negotiation position will be with your prospective buyers.
    • How about getting a desk appraisal from a licensed appraiser partner so you have another solid value target and confirmation of your price ranges? More importantly this will help you better qualify your buyers seeking financing with a solid projected down payment target and qualified financing documentation.
  • Pricing – Like most pricing discussions, it is recommended to discuss the pricing of the home after you have made a business case as to why the seller should deal with you and only you.  Obviously, you should be prepared to recommend a price range based on solid research, but be prepared to tell the seller that the price will ultimately be set by the buyer based on their perceived value. The buyer and buyer’s agent will have access to the same local market and pricing information and their focus will be on value as compared to other competing properties in your area. Your listing price ranges should focus on value ranges and timelines.

These ideas are just the tip of the selling and listing iceberg. There are number of excellent resources available for any Realtor looking capture a higher percentage of listing opportunities and close more transactions. Check out the CRS (Council of Residential Specialists) Course 201 – Listing Strategies for the Residential Specialist. This is one of many excellent courses available and will make you a better Realtor and advocate for your clients.  Visit their web site as or call at (800)462-8841. Our Orlando Regional Realtor Association offers a plethora of educational opportunities throughout the year. email for topics and times.

You may have heard the saying that “Success leaves clues.”  Look around and connect with your top peers in your company and industry and ask for input and direction.

As leaders in our industry, our team here at Real Estate Closing Solutions in Orlando is here to assist you too. We can help you prepare for your listing presentation and can provide property ownership and mortgage and lien information so that you are confident in knowing who you should be dealing with and that what you hear during your presentation is accurately reflected in the public records and in their story. Contact us today and let us help on your next listing and sale. Call us at 407-615-8550 today!