2013 was a record-breaking year in the realm of Orlando’s real estate market.  By December, prices had increased by about 33% as compared to the previous year, bringing them to the highest rate they had been in years.  Additionally, Orlando title insurance companies recorded high numbers of closings throughout the region.  However, while 2014 has already shown a good deal of growth for Central Florida’s home sales, experts predict that numbers will begin to level out as the year goes on.

Experts believe that 2014 should bring steady home sales, rising mortgage rates, and higher home prices than the previous year, indicating that Florida’s real estate market is continuing to heal and improve following the bust of 2007.  While the impact will not be as great as in 2013, this steady pace demonstrates that the market is getting to the point where it needs to be.  Orlando title insurance companies have still recorded an improved number of closings at the beginning of the year, and numbers should remain high.

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