hand-truck-564242_1280It can be hard to move, but sometimes it’s even harder to know when to move. There are some factors that demand a move to a new house such as a job relocation or a new addition to the family, but sometimes, when we aren’t forced to move, it can be difficult to tell when it’s the right time for a change. But don’t worry; the Orlando closing agents at Real Estate Closing Solutions have outlined some good indicators for when it’s time for a relocation.

Too Much Space

One life change that isn’t always accounted for is being an “empty nester.” If you find yourself with more rooms than you know what to do with, it may be time to downsize, especially if you are being buried by utility costs. Sometimes it’s good to consider moving into something more affordable.

Too Little Space

When you outgrow your house, it could also be time to move. Maybe you have more possessions than space or you’ve always wanted to have your own office space at home, but there’s no place to put it. You can consider expanding, but if the additions you want to make won’t add value to your home or your municipality won’t allow it, it may be time to find a bigger home.


Even if the home you live in is perfect, your neighbors or homeowners association may not be, or if you find yourself spending most of your spare time commuting, it may be smart to reclaim that lost time by moving closer to work. Sometimes, it really comes down to location.

Remodeling Isn’t Worth the Price

At some point, you may find yourself daydreaming about an updated kitchen or bathroom. Before you break out the paint swatches, you should check to see if you’d be adding any value to your home. Even though a remodel could mean staying another few years, we advise you to research your neighborhood and know the highest price point. If your house is already similar to the priciest homes in your neighborhood, remodeling could actually be a bad financial decision and a move may be the better option.  

The Market is Right

If you have the funds to prepare your house for sale and you find yourself in a seller’s market, it may be the perfect time to sell and earn a profit. Just make sure you keep in mind the expenses of selling and be aware that after taking advantage of the seller’s market, you will likely become a buyer yourself.
If you think it’s time to make a move, our Orlando closing agents at Real Estate Closing Solutions are here to help with our skilled workers and extensive know-how! Contact us today.