For months, Central Florida residents have heard tidbits about the massive expansion of I-4 through a plan known as the I-4 Ultimate project. Now, citizens have access to more detailed information regarding the project with construction set to begin before the end of March 2015.

In total, I-4 Ultimate will cost $2.3 billion and will span about 21 miles of the major interstate running through Central Florida. During construction, city planners expect to add tolled express lanes to I-4, while simultaneously rebuilding and beautifying current structures. The project is expected to continue into the year 2021, and while it will create a number of jobs for local construction workers and alleviate the daily commute, there’s a good chance it will slow traffic while it’s being carried out.

Still, even with the temporary traffic issues, this project has the potential to add a great deal of value to the areas it affects. The FDOT and I-4 Mobility Partners are dedicated to ensuring the project is completed properly the first time around, as it affects 15 major interchanges and major bridges throughout the central metropolitan regions of Orlando. Many more locations will be unveiled for community events, including a new “bridge district” in the Downtown Orlando area. Furthermore, the potential blockages in traffic are likely to send many residents to the SunRail to avoid traffic, indicating that the commuter rail system may also be expanding to handle a higher influx of traffic.

Though the project will take upwards of six years to complete, residents can look forward to a more beautiful, valuable metropolitan region in which to live and work. Many believe this work will assist in the continued increase of housing values in the area.

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