There’s nothing more frustrating than a listing that sits and sits. You may have a few interested buyers, but they either aren’t serious or aren’t financially prepared to buy a home. Is there a way to separate the good from the bad? The good news is that there is!

When you get the buyers you really want, everyone wins. Here are some ways to attract the perfect buyer so you can close the deal quickly.

Use Agent and Broker-Only Open Houses
Lookie-loos are a waste of time and energy, and they are everywhere. We’ve even seen “visit local open houses” on a list of fun date ideas! Plus, an open house that’s open to the public is a big safety risk for Realtors.

Instead, cut to the chase and have an agent and broker-only open house. You can save time by entertaining people who are more likely to bring you qualified buyers!

Focus on a Specific Niche Market
Another way to attract motivated buyers is to focus on a specific niche market that’s very hot. Relocation referrals are one market where people have to find housing quickly. They have the money they need, and they are ready to buy now.

Targeting older generations that are downsizing to a condo or townhome is another way to have a profitable niche. Many of these folks will be looking to sell a larger home and buy a smaller one. They will have the financial resources needed and often have strong motivators, such as retirement.

Give Seminars with a Specific Focus
Too many Realtors try to find buyers by hosting “New Buyer Seminars.” The trouble is that a new buyer can be at any stage of the real estate cycle. They even may be curious about buying a home many years down the road!

Instead, focus your seminar on selling your specific listings. Something like, “what you need to know about buying a home near a golf course,” or, “highlights of buying a home in College Park,” could be great seminars for moving a listing.

Having qualified and motivated buyers makes a Realtor’s life much easier. We want to see you succeed, contact us today for more information about how we can help your closing go smoothly!
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