google-485611_1280With 2016 in the rear view mirror, it’s time to vamp up your ways to sell more homes during 2017. Trends are changing and being up-to-date with the latest information for leads is vital. Utilizing search engines can make or break your new year. So, how can you make 2017 a year full of sold homes? Let the Orlando closing agents at Real Estate Closing Solutions show you four ways that you can sell more homes in 2017.

Local Searches

Now more than ever, home shoppers are beginning their online search with local terms, like the name of a certain neighborhood. Due to this change, big brand-related referrals have dropped drastically throughout the recent years. Focus on utilizing these local searches by creating neighborhood content landing pages that can show your expertise in a certain area.

Local Expertise

When a shopper searches “Safety in Orlando, Florida” crime rates and graphs are more than likely what will appear. Utilize the search volume by having content ready to answer these questions. An example might be “Orlando’s Safety: the Need to Knows.” Developing blogs like these can have a major payoff seen through website traffic, your credibility, and overall sales.


Pay attention to the changes that Google goes through, because this can drastically change your website’s position rating. Sites with new, unique content are likely to be shown at a higher position rather than realtor pages that only contain repetitive listings with no real description.

Descriptive Listing

Once a visitor enters your page, offer a direct route to your local listings. With each listing, offer as much description as possible. This can include crime rates, public transportation, or school district. Home seekers are very responsive with well descriptive, thorough listings. Doing so will increase the efficiency of you selling homes through your website.
Going that extra mile to provide a content-rich website can boost your sales for 2017, and understanding how Google lists your website will benefit your future sales. If you need the assistance of a skilled Orlando closing agent, you’ve come to the right place at Real Estate Closing Solutions.