There are four primary reasons for a qualified short sale. A short sale is generally where the seller of a home has near zero or negative equity in their property; cannot afford the payment on the mortgage loan(s); does not have available assets to pay the difference in the net proceeds of the sale and amount owed on their mortgage; and, the seller wants to avoid foreclosure and longer term credit issues by working out a compromise with their current mortgage lender.

What should I expect? – This is long process where the seller will have to provide a lot of documentation as to their current financial situation and hardships to their current mortgage lender. The entire process is taking on average 60 to 90 days for approval and closing once a sales contract is signed. It can be a complicated process and you need to deal with experienced Realtors and short sale negotiators. Give us a call for reliable referral resources or click here for our referral form.

Quick Overview and Resource – “Best Practices for Successful Short Sale Transactions” written by the owner Dana Ward is available for sale at our RECS offices and the Orlando Regional Realtor Association. This is a practical guide to streamlining the short sale process. Contact our offices for your copy. Credit cards accepted.

Short Sale Negotiation Strategic Partners – The short sale negotiation process needs to be handled by an experienced Realtor or an entity licensed for such activities. It is a very specialized skill so RECS has aligned itself with a local attorney and regional provider to assist in this area. In both cases, RECS remains your local title and closing provider and works closely with our strategic partners to streamline the approval and closing process. It is a solid business model where each partner concentrates on what they do best and accountability for success remains here locally. Contact us with your questions and reliable negotiation services referrals.