Welcome to our Consumer Services Page. Here we provide brief overviews for many of the critical steps and considerations when buying, selling and financing real estate. While this is not an exhaustive review of the process, our goal is to give you the confidence to ask the right questions and be able to identify the most qualified professionals to assist you.

Our role in the real estate transaction process (title and closing)

Our company is the hub of the real estate transaction once the property is under contract. We work and communicate with all parties in the transaction and pull documents together to facilitate the transfer of title and funding for the transaction.

We review the property’s history and title as recorded in public records; determine ownership and actions needed to insure proper title to the new owners and lenders. We obtain and coordinate information regarding all mortgages to be paid off, related homeowner’s association requirements and payments, conduct the closing, receive and disburse the funds, record appropriate documents in the public records and issue the Owner’s and Lender’s Title Insurance Policies to the new owner and lender protecting their respective rights in the purchased property.

Our goal  is to provide the very best service and expertise in each of these areas. We are very unique in our industry because we  do this with no shared or affiliated Realtor, lender or builder ownership or side Marketing Services Agreements (MSA’s.)  Be very wary of affiliated owned title companies…in many cases the Realtor or lender will direct you to their title company not with the focus on providing safe, compliant and exceptional service but with a focus on sharing  additional revenue or profit kickbacks from that title company. Have that discussion when you list your home and be very clear you want an independent title company to represent and protect your interests. Do not sign their Affiliated Disclosures and be clear you want RECS assigned as your closing agent and listed in your contract of sale. You hire a Realtor or lender because they are the best at what they do. Hire us because we are the best at what we do…protecting your title and closing transaction.

*SPECIAL NOTE*  – RECS is an approved “Buyer Select Closing Agent” for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). When purchasing a HUD sale the buyer can choose their closing and title agent, but the company must be vetted and approved by HUD. Simply coordinate with your REALTOR and give us a call and we can provide you our HUD Title ID Number and get your closing started!

Know the Players

» Listing Agent/Realtor
» Buyer’s Agent/ Realtor
» Lender
» Loan Officer/ Mortgage Broker
» Loan Underwriter
» Loan Servicer
» Title Company and Closing Company
» Escrow Officer and/or Settlement agent

Overview of the Selling Process

» Selling your home
» Value of your home
» What to look for in a qualified Listing Agent/Realtor
» The critical role of the Realtor
» Sellers pick the title company-Be Careful Not all Realtor’s Recommendations are
created equal!

Overview of the Buying Process

» Buyer’s Agent Role and Responsibilities
» Your home loan toolkit
» Key Term and Steps
» Pre-Qualify for Loan
» Earnest Money Deposit
» Inspections
» Appraisal
» Homeowner’s Insurance
» Walk-through
» The Closing
» International Buyers and Sellers
» What To Expect at Closing
» Married, Separated or Divorce status
» Homestead Exemption
» Post closing
» Record Retention

Typical Documents You will see at the Closing table

» Lender’s Package
» Good Faith Estimate (GFE)
» Truth In Lending (TIL)
» Mortgage/Promissory Note
» Mortgage
» Mortgagee
» Mortgagor
» Closing Documents
» HUD-1 Closing Statement
» Privacy Statement

Customary Expenses for Florida real estate closings

» Seller Expenses
» Buyer Expenses
» Customary Lender Costs and Fees

Short Sales

» What Should I Expect?
» Quick Overview and Resource – Best Practices for A Successful Short Sale

» Short Sale Negotiation Strategic Partners

For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

» Saving Money
» FSBO Services

Refinancing Your Existing Mortgage

Refinancing Your Existing Mortgage

Reverse Mortgage

» How do you qualify?
» How much can you receive?
» How can I get my funds?
» Other Benefits of a Reverse Mortgage
» Can I purchase a new home using a reverse mortgage?..YES!
» The Reverse Mortgage Transaction Process

1031 Tax Exchange

Title Insurance Value Proposition