One of the most important components of a successful home closing is the protection provided by a title insurance policy. This crucial service protects both owners and lenders from known and unknown risks that may not have been apparent in even the most diligent search of the property records prior to closing.

Unlike other types of casualty insurances (i.e., auto, home and life insurance) title insurance protects the insured from events that occurred in the property’s past. Risks such as fraud, forgery, recording errors, easements, and encroachments can all create future challenges to the ownership of the property. If an issue ever arises, a key provision of the title insurance policy is for the insurer to step in and defend your rights under the policy. Title insurance is an inexpensive one-time payment at closing that protects typically the largest investment most people have in their lifetimes…their home.

When you are ready to sell or close on a home, you want to ensure that your Central Florida title insurance company can seamlessly prepare and carry out the entire title and closing process. That’s why you need Real Estate Closing Solutions (RECS). At RECS, our proven record of customer service comes from years of experience in the industry and the vast real estate knowledge of our team of Central Florida title insurance experts. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the closing, title search and insuring processes so that consumers are protected and our customers continue to grow and prosper.

Whether you’re a consumer, Realtor, lender or builder, the Central Florida title insurance professionals at RECS, FL, have what it takes to make your closing a success. Contact us today at (407) 615-8550 to learn more about what we can do for you.

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