orlando-981655_1280Florida’s housing market has certainly been on the up and up lately, and Quarter 2 was no exception. In fact, Quarter Two in Florida for the real estate market had more new listings,  higher median prices, and fewer overall days to get a contract. Year over year, the market increased 1.4 percent from quarter two last year, increasing to a total of 76,749 homes. Also, the median sales price for existing single-family homes in Florida increased 10 percent year over year, according to Florida Realtors.

Florida Realtors Chief Economist, Brad O’Connor, had a lot to say about existing home prices. “Existing home sale prices throughout most of Florida’s metro areas are continuing to exhibit robust year-over-year growth,” he said. “Demand is strong and supply is limited. The inventory of homes for sale at the more affordable end of the price spectrum – which includes the vast majority of distressed properties – continues to decline significantly, and new construction has not come close to making up the difference.”

Additionally, normal sales for single-family homes increased 14.4 percent from the previous year. The median time for a sales contract in 2016 was just 42 days for single-family homes. Even interest rates experienced a decrease, with the 2016 30-year fixed rate mortgage averaged around 3.59 percent, which was a decrease from 3.96 percent in the previous year, Quarter two.

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