Recently, a creative business solicitation has been circulating throughout Central Florida, finding its way into mailboxes across the region–including some of your former clients’ letter drops. This letter from the National Certified Record Retrieval Service (see image) urges recipients to get a copy of their deeds to ensure the property was transferred properly for a “low” price of $56.60. The official layout and tone of this message has drawn in a number of former clients of Real Estate Closing Solutions in Orlando, as well as other homeowners across the state.

While this company is legitimate and will provide homeowners with a copy of their deed, such a service is truly unnecessary and a waste of money. All of the personal information disclosed within the form–leading homeowners to believe that the NCRRS is carrying out a government-mandated service–including property information, parcel ID, and date of closing, are all available via public record. Furthermore, the NCRRS is not affiliated with the State of Florida, nor any other local government, for that matter.

In truth, it is important for homeowners to have a copy of their deeds to ensure that the transaction went through correctly. However, they should already have a copy of their deed from the title and closing company who handled their closing. If your former clients find that they do not have a copy of the deed, steer them away from the NCRRS and instruct them to call their title company!

The real estate experts at Real Estate Closing Solutions in Orlando, Florida, have the ability to access deed information at any time through the local county’s Clerk of Court website for a few dollars at best–a fee much lower than $56.50. If you or any of your customers need assistance, give us a call at (407) 615-8550; we are happy to help, regardless of where the transaction may have closed.

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