Whether you’re a seller, buyer, Realtor or lender, the closing process is a welcomed time during the real estate process. Many people who come by our office are thrilled for this very last step, and they leave with a big smile on their face!

In order to have that peace of mind, a good closing agent is absolutely necessary. The last thing you want to do when you go into your closing agent’s office is to have something overlooked that could drag the process on longer. Let’s explore five things that a great Orlando closing agent will do, and believe us, we know from experience.


  • Thoroughly Research & Finalize Details Upfront: Closing agents should communicate to you how they are going to handle the closing details. They will work very closely with all parties prior to the closing in order to ensure that all potential fees are disclosed and all issues researched.
  • Efficiency & Effectiveness: Ensure that your closing agent is expedient and detail oriented. Items in the closing process that a closing agent should be prepared for that can cause potential delays are confirming HOA estoppel, outstanding issues with the HOA, lender financing and funding issues and ensuring the title is clear. With the amount of paperwork involved, mistakes are a major inconvenience to all parties involved, so your closing agent should be thorough and effective.
  • Settlement Statements: Review of the new Closing Disclosure forms three days prior to closing give all parties the satisfaction and peace of mind knowing that all costs and issues have been addressed prior to the closing.
  • Be Clear About Timelines & Payments: Clarity will speak volumes about a closing agent. Your closing agent should communicate to you exactly what you’ll need to pay at the time of closing and how that payment will be accepted. The closing process has changed quite a bit over the years, and it’s not as simple as bringing a check to the closing. Don’t allow for delays in your closing process due to amounts due or timelines not being communicated properly. Closing agents now require all funds due at closing to be sent via a lender wire. Be sure you have that information prior to the day of closing and you understand your lender requirements.
  • Speaks Without Jargon: While the general concepts can be easily grasped during the closing process, technicalities and real estate jargon tend to scare off sellers and buyers from even participating or asking relevant questions in the closing process. Your closing agent should explain the entire process and all of the paperwork involved in layman’s terms so that you can have a full understanding of what you’re signing during the closing process. Real Estate Closing Solutions has an excellent website at www.recsfl.com that covers the entire workflow process, local customs and costs.


Ensure that you have a strong closing agent for the last day of your real estate process. You want the process to get as smoothly, and the Orlando closing agents at Real Estate Closing Solutions can help. Contact us today!