If you need a blank copy of the Florida Sales Contract, please give us a call and we will be happy to provide you with one. We recommend that all sellers and buyers go through and sign this contract for a FSBO sale. I think you will find it forces communications between all parties as to intent, plans and responsibilities.

If you are just at the beginning of the process and want an estimate of your closing costs and proceeds before signing a contract, give us a call and we will happily provide you with a quote.

You’ve finally reached an exciting point in your for-sale-by-owner sale. The contract is signed! As the seller of your home, there are a few more steps before the sale is finalized. Real Estate Closing Solutions, LLC, experts in Orlando title insurance, share the steps you should expect before your sale is completely finished.

  • Inspection and Appraisal

Once an offer is in-hand, a home is typically appraised and inspected. The appraisal is arranged by the buyer’s lender. The home inspection is typically optional and is selected and paid for by the buyer. There are instances where some loans require a home inspection. The intent of the home inspection is to allow the buyer to have a professional look at the home, mechanicals and condition. If issues are found, the buyer and seller usually negotiate which items will or will not be completed before the sale is finalized and who will be paying for them.

  • Choose a Title Company

In Florida, the seller chooses the title company. The title and closing company will manage the closing and escrow. When choosing a title company, there are a few considerations to make. First, look for a title company that is reputable and does not charge “junk” fees. Second, consider looking for title companies that are not affiliated with a Realtor, lender, or builder or have Marketing Service Agreements (MSA’s) where your fees are shared with other players in the transaction. When you choose an unaffiliated title company, you are more likely to have the focus be where it was intended to be… on the buyer and seller, without bias.

  • Manage Your Moving Logistics

Once closing day is scheduled, you’ve got to manage what is going to happen as you transition into a new home. Schedule the movers to come, make sure your new home’s timeline works well with the timeline of the home you are selling, and get ready for some change!

  • Final Walkthrough

Just before closing day, you’ll walk through the home with the buyer. This ensures that any modifications agreed to after the inspection were completed, and it also allows the buyer to make sure the home is still in the condition it was in when the contract was signed.

  • Closing Day

The big day has finally arrived! Bring any relevant paperwork and identification to your closing appointment. This can take place in the title company’s office or in another pre-identified location. Prepare to sign paperwork that concludes the sale.

After these steps, your sale will be finalized! For-sale-by-owner sales can be time consuming, and they aren’t for everyone. If you are interested in hiring a Realtor, contact us for a recommendation. If you’re selling your own home, our Orlando title insurance agents would be happy to facilitate your closing. Contact us today.