Congratulations! You have made the decision to join the exciting world of Realtors®! With the recent recovery in the housing market from the real estate crash in the early 2000s, there has been an influx of new real estate agents joining the ranks, helping buyers and sellers come together. Central Florida title insurance company, Real Estate Closing Solutions, presents three tips for those new real estate agents out there.

  • Mind Your Manners: Always remember that being a real estate agent means you are a part of the service industry. You are to serve buyers, sellers, and fellow agents, so it is important to possess great listening skills, the ability to get along and work well with others, dedication, and a stellar work ethic. Without those traits, you will not get far in the real estate game, and clients will be more than happy to find another agent who can take care of their needs, professionally, accurately, and nicely.
  • Be Self-Motivated: Homes do not sell themselves. It takes hard work to align the perfect buyer with their perfect piece of property. Cold calling is a part of the job, so are you prepared to do that? What about learning a new skill to set yourself apart from the pack? Always be on the lookout to better yourself in terms of being the best real estate agent you can be. What about taking more classes at your local college or attending conferences? There are many opportunities out there to further your education, so you need to always be on the lookout for them.
  • Save for the Slow Months: Real estate agents do not have a regular salary. Some months will be financially rewarding, while others can be slow, meaning your salary will not be as much. And do not forget that only 4% of Realtors receive health insurance since the rest are independent contractors, according to the National Association of Realtors. Other costs to consider are marketing materials, licensing fees, and taxes paid on money earned.

Becoming a real estate agent presents many opportunities to enjoy a rewarding career. And like most things in life, good things come to those who work hard for it. If you are a Realtor in need of Central Florida title insurance services, contact Real Estate Closing Solutions today at 407-615-8550, or you can contact us online. We look forward to being your real estate partner for years to come.