In the fast-paced world of real estate, it’s not always easy to know when you’re making a good investment. There is no strict set of rules because the market is constantly changing, evolving, and growing. This isn’t something to be afraid of, not if you live in the Southeast. The Orlando housing market is consistently growing and is the place you will find the biggest bang for your buck. The Orlando title insurance company, Real Estate Closing Solutions, is here to tell you why investing in Orlando real estate is the best deal you could make this year.

A recent study done by the Local Market Monitor, analyzed housing indicators and broader growth trends. At the end of his study, he came up with 20 markets where you can feel safe investing your money this year and in the future.

Whether you are buying a home, a rental property, or looking for a place to call home in the future, the Orlando markets are where you can make an investment and will be more likely to get a good return without you having to take an extraordinary risk. This study came as a win for the Sunshine State through and through. Four cities made the cut for the Best Buy City title, after suffering tremendously as the poster child for financial crisis devastation. From 2015 and beyond, seven markets in Florida were found to be undervalued by more than 20 percent, but builder constraint and job growth has consistently boosted the value of existing homes.

If you’re wondering whether or not to make the jump into the Orlando real estate market, the data doesn’t lie. Investing in Orlando will not put you in a sinkhole like many markets do, but it will make you see the city for what it really is, the City Beautiful. As the leading Orlando title insurance company, we understand how important it is to know where your money is going. To get the most of your home and investment, connect with Real Estate Closing Solutions online by following our Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ profiles!