Once a contract is signed and it is time to prepare for the closing of a sale, the seller chooses the title company they’d like to work with. This is a big choice, and it is one that can potentially make the closing a breeze rather than a hassle. Our Orlando closing agents have some categories you can use to evaluate potential title companies for the big decision.

Recommendations & Realtor’s Preferences

Gathering recommendations from Realtors, friends and family, and neighbors is a good place to start looking for your title company. A title company should facilitate a transaction with ease. If that is not the experience your friends or neighbors had, maybe look for a different company. When asking your Realtor about their preferences, ask if they are affiliated with the title company they are recommending. Some real estate agents will direct you to their affiliated title company without focusing on recommending a company that that provides compliant, exceptional service.


Once you’ve created a list of top runners, check out their websites and any online review sites to get an idea of the customer experience they provide.

Price and Bait and Switch

Obviously, the price of a closing is important. Prices should be competitive, but be aware of discount title bait and switches. Some title companies offer discounted titles, but tack on lots of fees. Initially, the discount title is attractive, but it ends up costing as much, if not more, than a title company with integrity.

Quality & Integrity

Your purchasing a home. That sort of decision requires a company that will serve your best interests with quality and integrity. As an independent title company, we excel at representing and protecting your best interests. When you are finished with your closing, you should know that you have the proper title, information regarding mortgages, homeowner associations, and more. Overall, a title company should put your mind at ease and your best interests first.

Choosing a title company is an important decision in a home buying or selling experience. To work with the very best Orlando closing agents, contact us today.