Orlando has always been known for its vibrant culture, unforgettable entertainment, and sunny weather year round. However, there are several enticing things that many people don’t know about the city and its history. The Orlando closing agents at Real Estate Closing Solutions have compiled a list of some things that may be particularly appealing to potential homeowners thinking of living in this wonderful city.

It’s not always 90 degrees and humid.

Although Orlando and Florida, in general, have earned the reputation for being unbearably warm all the time, that’s not exactly true. While temperatures can get high on occasion, the average temperature remains a comfortable 72 degrees. Most of the winter months (November-February) can actually get chilly and serve as a mild climate after the hotter summer months. Obviously, there will likely never be snow on the ground, but most homeowners are fans of the heat when thinking about living in Orlando anyway.

It’s not just for the elderly.

Contrary to some people’s beliefs, Orlando is not just one big retirement home. It boasts people of all ages, including a large college and university community. There are always things to do for each demographic, and it isn’t just a place for the elderly to come and settle. The social scene in Orlando is a blast, and there is always some type of event (whether it be a concert or a wine tasting) happening nearby, even if you don’t fancy theme parks. You won’t be at a loss for entertainment.

It’s a food lover’s paradise.

Living in Orlando means living around a plethora of dining options. There is always a new restaurant popping up, and, even if you have your original favorite, chances are you’ll be able to find it in Orlando. There is a restaurant in the city for practically any type of food your heart could possibly desire, whether it be Puerto Rican, Italian, Mexican, Thai, Chinese or just generic fast food. You don’t just have to travel to Disney and Universal to experience delicious meals that you wouldn’t normally eat on a daily basis.
There’s a lengthy list of reasons why Orlando truly is the city beautiful, but promoting these particular features will certainly attract potential homebuyers towards the area. Showcasing all that Orlando has to offer is an important step in the process of real estate, so utilize these features that the master Orlando closing agents have compiled to make your potential homeowners more interested in Orlando.