Older houses can seem like a daunting challenge to sell for some, but if they come with a pool, that can be a definite asset. Just because the house is old and the pool might be neglected, that is not a definitive factor that an old house can’t be sold. Restoring a pool can add vibrancy and attractiveness to any older home, and it can make them stand out among others. The Real Estate Closing Solutions, the Orlando closing agent specialists, have some guidelines you can follow when getting a pool swimming-ready and open to show to homebuyers.

Get Rid of Mold

Unfortunately, if a pool is not maintained regularly with the proper chemicals and cleaning, forms of mold and algae can build up on and in the water. Although algae is harmless and simply just an eyesore, mold is unattractive looking and also dangerous for one’s health. If the pool you’re working with has any of these things, it will need mold remediation, thorough cleaning services, and the correct chemicals to rebalance the chemistry of the water.

Fix Leaks

Leaks are a common problem in pools left without treatment. Leaks will not only lower the water levels in the pool constantly and dramatically, but the excess water can runoff into the area surrounding the pool. The chlorine in the water will cause damage to any yard or lawn if too much escapes from a leak. Make sure to inspect all areas for leaks or cracks in the lining.

Get Your Hands Dirty

One of the most obvious signs of a pool that’s been unused and neglected for awhile is the clutter and debris that’s built up in the water itself and in the filtration system. You will have to clean out the debris blocking any filter, use a skimmer net to fish out any leaves or sticks on top of the water, and take a vacuum to the lining and bottom for a deeper clean. Doing these things will change the look and health of the pool very quickly!

Treating and restoring a pool can be a make or break factor for a potential homebuyer. A clean, well-treated pool can be the deciding factor for someone who’s on the fence about purchasing an old home. Pools are a bonus, so make sure you follow these steps to make your old home stand out even more on the market! Once you’ve got an offer, the Orlando closing agents here are ready to help you close.