kitchen-1689966_1920With a series of home improvements, a fixer-upper can have some serious profit. It’s easy to increase the listing price of the home that you are selling if you take the time to improve some features that can attract many leads. So, what changes can be made to boost a home’s value? Let the Central Florida title insurance professionals at Real Estate Closing Solutions reveal some simple changes that can boost a home’s value.

Kitchen Decor

Don’t look over small kitchen upgrades. First-time owners are always debating if the kitchen is as modern as they’d like, and it’s an ideal home feature for many home shoppers today. With a budget of about $5,000, you can add new appliances, countertops, hardware, and paint to create a modern or updated look, which can bump sale price up 7%.

Attic/Basement Renovation

With renovation costs ranging from $10,000 to $50,000 for attics or basements, this is greatly looked for when first-time home shoppers are searching. Why? This area can be used as a studio, office, or separate living area that homeowners can charge rent for. Parents can also use this as an indoor playground for their kids, so they won’t have to deal with stepping on toys. You can expect about a four to six percent bump in pricing with this renovation.

Stress-Free is the New Luxury

What used to be the ideal home consisting of stone countertops, wall to wall carpets, and large cabinets is no more the case. Many millennials and first-time home shoppers see this as added stress due to cleaning and maintenance. Simple cosmetic finishes are shown to attract home shoppers, but keep in mind the mechanical aspects of the home and if they are in working order. Many first-time home shoppers spend much of their budget on the down payment, so they’ll be interested in the age of the heating, plumbing, and electricity systems. Having these systems updated will save energy and seem more appealing to soon-to-be homeowners.  

These simple, yet effective changes to a home can boost its listing price tremendously. Rather than selling a home as it is, take the time to apply these suggestions to get the most out of the listed home. If you need assistance from Central Florida title insurance professionals, contact Real Estate Closing Solutions.