open-house-1163357_1280At Real Estate Closing Solutions, we know that there ups and downs to being a real estate agent. Sure, you get to make your own schedule and control your own success, but there are also some downsides that many people don’t consider until after they jump feet first into this career. If you’re considering a career change, then you should consider all aspects of this career prior to making that leap. Let’s look at some pros and cons, and then leave the decision up to you.

You Get to Be Your Own Boss

The pro to becoming a real estate agent is you get to be your own boss. You don’t have to answer to anyone else, and you can make your own hours. If you’re looking for flexibility, then this is definitely a career you should consider. But, something you may not have thought about is the fact that you’ll need to be available when your clients, which means that you likely will have to hold extended hours and weekends to be available.

You Are Viewed As the Expert

The respect and trust that you’re given when you take on a new client is unparalleled. They definitely rely on you to know and understand the neighborhoods and the ins and outs of the homes that you’re going to see. The flip side to that is you have to be very cautious when it comes to handling the amount of money and trust that your clients put into you.

You Get to Wear Many Hats

The life of a real estate agent is never boring. You will have a variety of responsibilities, but it should feel empowering. You will need to be an advisor, educator, financial advisor and a life coach. The other side to that is you’re going to have to be ready to offer advice and take responsibility for that advice that you’re offering.

Real Estate Closing Solutions works with the best and most seasoned real estate agents in the Orlando area. If you’re looking to get in the real estate business or you are already a real estate agent looking for a closing and title insurance company to work with, give us a call and we can help you along in the process.