As a Realtor®, you must work with sellers often, and it’s part of your job to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch for your client. You are the expert in which they rely on to help guide them through this process. While most of the sellers you work with will know next to nothing about the selling process, you might run into a former Realtor or one that has researched the process and has certain expectations of you, so it’s important not to slack off.

While there are Realtors that do the whole “post and pray” process when it comes to selling a home (when they post it on MLS, add a sign to the yard, and pray buyers come interested in the property), your sellers deserve better than this, so Orlando closing agent, RECS, offers some things that you should be doing for your seller as the Listing Agent.

Price the Home Accurately. Pricing the home correctly is going to be the biggest hurdle to overcome, as that can be a hindrance for people who are interested in the property if it’s way out of its pricing league. You’ll want to make sure that you’re such an advocate for your client that you’re doing your best to sell the home very close to its asking price. You’ll want to price competitively but fairly.

Use Marketing Tactics to Market the Home. Photographs, video, virtual tours, slideshows, and detailed, creative descriptions are just some of the marketing tools you can use as a Realtor. Social media is also an effective tool to market homes that are newly for sale.

Communication is Key. Make sure that you’re keeping the lines of communication with your client open and honest. You’ll want to check in regularly and make sure that you’re managing their expectations. If you’re getting feedback from people who are seeing the house, then it’s important that you communicate that feedback to the sellers so they can respond accordingly.

Attend the Home Inspection. This seems obvious, but it’s so, so important. You need to be there for the home inspection to represent your client. Once again, you’ll want to advocate for your client and make sure that the requests coming through during the inspection are reasonable.

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