If you’ve listed a home, you know how important good photographs, interactive video, and the listing description are to getting people to be interested in the property. While you may be emphasizing the photographs and the video, you might want to make sure you’re not neglecting the listing description, as that can have a lasting impact on a user’s impression of the property. Good real estate copy can even supersede the photographs and video if you’re working with a limited budget.

Each week, there are thousands of homes listed all across the United States. If you scroll through the multitudes of homes listed in the MLS, you’ll see who is putting effort into the listings and who is not. Sellers, when choosing a real estate agent to help list their home, will review past listings to see how they come across and see if you’re effective when you market the homes on behalf of the sellers. Here are some questions you must ask yourself when marketing homes on behalf of sellers:

  • Are you investing time in writing detailed, compelling descriptions?
  • How do your photographs compare to other listings?
  • Do you provide additional marketing content for sellers like a slideshow, virtual tour, or video?

All of those components are a necessity when it comes to marketing real estate. It’s important that you use these content means to communicate the home’s best characteristics to get potential buyers interested in your listing. Here are some tips to help you generate a creative and successful listing.

  • Get detailed & creative with the description.
  • Highlight the best qualities like:
    • potential expansion opportunities.
    • energy-saving features.
    • high-end construction materials used.
    • pool or landscaping.
    • the amount of land.
    • location.
  • Emphasize quality appliance brands.
  • Specifically market your upgrades, such as:
    • new windows.
    • new kitchen.
    • new countertops.
    • new carpets.
    • new roof.
    • new hardwood floors.
    • new AC system.

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