This election year sure has been an entertaining one, and with some unprecedented possibilities facing our nation in the future, Americans certainly have a tough decision ahead of them. What most people aren’t considering is how the next President of the United States will affect Orlando’s local housing market. Specifically in Orlando, we are seeing very positive increases with an both the number of homes sold and the average price of homes both up from previous years. In fact, we are seeing new developments pop up at a pace that hasn’t been experienced since 2004.

Many real estate experts are saying that voters should put pressure on the candidates to make the housing market a priority. The recovery we have seen since the housing bubble burst has helped more people become homeowners, which has ultimately helped the economy. Historically, there has been a debate on whether or not the President or the presidential election have any effect on the housing market, but it could be their support of legislation or regulation and/or deregulation that would cause a  positive or negative ripple effect.

The market is temperamental and elected officials definitely have a direct influence on it. At the very least this year’s presidential elections reinforces the need for all of us to stay active in our respective local and state associations and actively supporting legislative initiatives that benefit our real estate and mortgage industries.

We want to see the housing market, especially in Orlando, continue to be on the upswing. At Real Estate Closing Solutions, an Orlando closing agent, we continue to be very optimistic that the market will continue to grow. Please contact us today for any and all of your the our title and closing needs.