Owner’s title insurance is extremely important coverage that protects consumers from potential issues with their real estate title. Some of these risks that could affect your title include tax liens, forged signatures, recording errors, title search errors, and other individual’s claims as to the ownership of your property. Title insurance problems occur in over one-third of all title searches. Title insurance is a one-time fee that is promulgated (or regulated) by the state of Florida and is paid at closing.

There are two types of Central Florida title insurance that you will typically see at a closing: a loan policy and an owner’s policy.

  • A Loan Policy: The loan policy insures that the lender has a valid lien against the property and the lender is in a clear position to foreclose in a worst case repayment scenario.
  • An Owner’s Policy: This policy protects the consumer against any challenges to the ownership of their property after closing. In the simplest terms, the Owner’s Policy is a “snapshot” or status of your title at time of closing and if the title company missed something it is their responsibility to fix it!

Title insurance is an inexpensive one-time payment to insure one of the biggest investments in your lifetime…you home! Real Estate Closing Solutions can provide you with that peace of mind with Central Florida title insurance. Contact us today at 407-615-8550.