Placing your home on the market during a peak month can mean the difference between selling your house within a few months or watching it languish for a seemingly endless amount of time. However, the Gregorian calendar you generally check for verification of dates may not be your best source. Other calendars may prove more precise in selling your home. The varied calendars below, presented by Orlando closing agents RECS, may assist in selling your home more quickly.

  • The Academic Calendar: Families with school-aged children tend to cram buying and selling homes within the summer break. By buying a home in the beginning of the summer, families have less stress in moving before the school year at a new school and new grade commences.
  • The Tax Calendar: Many recent graduates with good jobs are compelled to deduct closing costs and mortgage interest from their taxes. Therefore, they are pressed to close on a new home before the end of the year. A surge also follows tax refunds when purchasers have more money in hand for a down payment. Tax refunds also entice existing homeowners interested in refinancing.
  • The Weather Calendar: Home sales peak in January and early spring in Florida when the weather is pleasant enough to browse through houses without worrying about Florida’s unique three seasons: mosquito, summer, and hurricane. However, many homes are equipped with features that make them salable in different seasons: homes with pools sell more quickly in the summertime simply because buyers are interested in swimming, while homes with fireplaces sell during the winter months. If you are anticipating selling your home in the winter and you have a pool, capitalize on the steam or heating feature in your pool, if applicable, to showcase its use in colder months.
  • The Holiday Calendar: November and December are notoriously slow months for home sales. Don’t be dissuaded from listing during this time, though, since many buyers may wish to purchase a home by year’s end for tax purposes.
  • The Gregorian Calendar: The beginning of the year commences with job promotions and relocations. Showcase your home on real estate sites such as Trulia and Zillow to entice buyers facing life and financial changes.

Knowing your market will alleviate much of the guesswork in selling your home. Living near an air force base may bring young professionals who wish to rent for two years, while living near a known retirement area may bring more retirees searching for a small home with as little yard work as possible. Talk to the Orlando closing agents at Real Estate Closing Solutions by calling (407) 615-8550.