The third quarter brought about mixed results for the Central Florida area, according to Central Florida title insurance analysts and experts. As a sign of the improving economy and real estate market, sales of single-family homes in the Orlando metropolitan area grew by about 3% as compared to the same time last year, according to Florida Realtors. Additionally, median prices have increased by about 4.6% during the same time period, for a high point of $179,950. However, condominium and townhouse sales decreased by 3.7%. Even so, the median price for Central Florida condos and townhouses improved by 6.1%.

With the consistent improvements in the area, Central Florida’s real estate market has come to stand as a major indicator of the region’s economic wellness. As more people turn toward homeownership and leave their apartments and townhouses, we can see that the economy is improving, and homes are once again becoming important investments for individuals and families alike.

Furthermore, the Florida real estate market as a whole has consistently demonstrated growth and improvement compared with the rest of the nation, especially during the last three months. Experts have noted a population increase in correlation with the availability of new jobs, and expect that increase to continue with the upcoming I-4 Ultimate project and other major construction and development plans in the area.

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