RealtySouth, the largest real estate firm in Alabama, is facing serious consequences with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) for providing clients with inadequate disclosures. The firm is being ordered to pay $500,000 for failing to make customers aware of their ability to choose their own title and closing service providers during the home-buying process. By concealing this information, RealtySouth was able to direct customers to their affiliate title company, TitleSouth, to illegally increase profits and benefits then shared between the two companies.

The CFPB maintains that RealtySouth violated the Real Estate Settlement and Practices Act (RESPA), which ensures consumer protections by outlawing any kickbacks from a title company to the REALTOR. Further investigation by the CFPB revealed that RealtySouth’s contract forms made closing and title services from TitleSouth mandatory, rather than optional. Under the RESPA, real estate firms are allowed to recommend the title and closing company of their choice, but consumers are always allowed to shop for the company they feel best suits their needs and protects their interests.

Central Florida title closing agencies understand the importance of fairness and full customer disclosure. By giving clients the ability to choose, the home buying and selling process is made fair and can be tailored to the needs of each individual consumer.

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