An astounding 20 percent of all housing markets across the United States are expected to see record-breaking high prices within the year.  Nationwide, home values increased by 0.5 percent between the fourth quarter of 2013 and the first quarter of this year. Additionally, compared to this time last year, nationwide home values are up by 5.7 percent.  According to Orlando closing agents and real estate experts, many of these homes are reaching prices that even exceed their pre-decline values.

While this trend is very impressive and demonstrates the improving health of the nation’s real estate markets, it does call into question certain issues regarding affordability. A number of houses across the nation are becoming too expensive for the average homebuyer to purchase; experts believe that this problem will become more widespread as the year continues. Zillow predicts that home prices across the country will increase by another 3.3 percent by the end of 2014.

Many of the housing markets in Texas and California metros are either meeting or exceeding their housing boom peak prices.  Central Florida prices continue to improve, according to Orlando closing agents, nearing their pre-decline levels. Economists consider this growth especially remarkable, considering it follows the biggest housing market decline since the Great Depression.

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