The real estate market plays a vital role in the US economy and being able to predict trends in real estate is a skill many people desire, but few do well. That’s why Florida Realtors is hosting the 2013 Real Estate & Economic Forecast event this week in Orlando, where experts will share insights on what they believe will happen in the Florida real estate market next year. There is also a Webinar that people can watch so that Realtors and other real estate professionals can learn from the event, even if they aren’t in attendance.

The Florida Realtors 2013 Real Estate and Economic Forecast Conference will be held on Dec. 12, from 8:30 a.m. to noon at their headquarters on Augusta National Drive in Orlando. At the conference, seven nationally-acclaimed economists will share their thoughts on real estate trends both nationally and specific to Florida.

“Realtors who watch this economic conference will gain insight into how the markets likely will develop next year, from the overarching economic environment to the financing climate to conditions in Florida’s local markets.” says Florida Realtors Chief Economist Dr. John Tuccillo.

Similar to Florida Realtors’ goal to be the “voice” of Florida real estate, we at Real Estate Closing Solutions are the premier resource for consumers and real estate professionals looking to buy, sell, or finance real estate in Florida. We love to promote education for consumers and real estate professionals alike! If you are a Realtor in Orlando, are anywhere in Florida, take advantage of this great conference to learn from industry experts about the predicted trends in Florida real estate so that you can have an advantage in your market next year.

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