Reuters reported today that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was awarded $478 million in a judgment against three marketers of real estate infomercials accused of defrauding nearly a million consumers! This is the largest judgment ever awarded to the FTC.

The FTC claimed that these marketers deceived consumers with get-rich-quick real estate claims, saying that they could show you how to buy cheap homes during government sales. Through their infomercials, these marketers sold a product, called “John Beck’s Free and Clear Real Estate System”, for $39.95 each.

The FTC also reported that they are pursuing several other marketers in a crackdown on real estate scams that target financially distressed consumers.

This all goes back to what our parents taught us…”If it is too good to be true… it isn’t true.”  Or, how about one of my Dad’s favorite…”There is no such thing as making an easy dollar. You have to work for it!”

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