Realtor Services

Our team at Real Estate Closing Solutions (RECS) appreciates and understands the critical role Realtors play in real estate transactions. We take our responsibilities to facilitate transactions from Pre-Listing, to contract, to a successful closing very seriously. Our vision is to partner with Realtors to grow their listings, identify new buyers and provide a positive closing experience for future referrals! Check out our Realtor Services for best practices, short sale resources, CE education and more!

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Lender Services

RECS was the first to develop and offer guaranteed 24/7 on-line rate quotes that align to the Good Faith Estimates and the final HUD-1 Closing Statement. We are committed to streamline the lender’s process via on-line tools and hands-on servicing options to free loan officers of time-consuming tasks. Our vision is to partner with lenders to increase efficiencies, provide for a positive borrower experience and free our lender customers to grow their business!
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Consumer Services

The average consumer does not buy, sell, borrow or refinance real estate on a regular basis, so the process can be confusing. Adding to the stress, many consumers don’t know who in their local markets are best qualified to council and represent them as a trusted Realtor or mortgage lender. Our goal is to educate and empower consumers and refer proven, trustworthy and knowledgeable local real estate professionals. Who else is in a better position to know the key players than RECS who deals extensively with local Realtors and lenders every day.
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