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Our team at Real Estate Closing Solutions (RECS) appreciates and understands the critical role Realtors play in real estate transactions. We take our responsibilities to facilitate transactions from Pre-Listing, to contract, to a successful closing very seriously. Our vision is to partner with Realtors to grow their listings, identify new buyers and provide a positive closing experience for future referrals! Check out our Realtor Services for best practices, short sale resources, CE education and more!
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RECS was the first to develop and offer guaranteed 24/7 on-line rate quotes that align to the Good Faith Estimates and the final HUD-1 Closing Statement. We are committed to streamline the lender’s process via on-line tools and hands-on servicing options to free loan officers of time-consuming tasks. Our vision is to partner with lenders to increase efficiencies, provide for a positive borrower experience and free our lender customers to grow their business!
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The average consumer does not buy, sell, borrow or refinance real estate on a regular basis, so the process can be confusing. Adding to the stress, many consumers don’t know who in their local markets are best qualified to council and represent them as a trusted Realtor or mortgage lender. Our goal is to educate and empower consumers and refer proven, trustworthy and knowledgeable local real estate professionals. Who else is in a better position to know the key players than RECS who deals extensively with local Realtors and lenders every day.
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  • Central Florida Home Sales Rise as Condo Sales Decrease
    The third quarter brought about mixed results for the Central Florida area, according to Central Florida title insurance analysts and experts. As a sign of the improving economy and real estate market, sales of single-family […]
  • I-4 Ultimate Project Plans Unveiled
    For months, Central Florida residents have heard tidbits about the massive expansion of I-4 through a plan known as the I-4 Ultimate project. Now, citizens have access to more detailed information regarding the project with […]
  • Orlando Condominium Prices Reach New Heights
    The Orlando housing market continues to outstrip the rest of the state, for single family homes as well as condominiums and townhomes. Through the month of September, Orlando’s median townhome and condo prices reached more than […]
  • CFPB Cracks Down on Marketing Services Violations
    At the end of September, Lighthouse Title, a Michigan title insurance company, agreed to a consent order with the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau), as well as a $200,000 fine, after the Bureau deemed the company to be […]
  • To Rent, or to Buy? That Is the Question
    Orlando’s economy has continued to improve over the last few years, with home sale price growth far outpacing that of the rest of the state. Unemployment rates are sinking, construction projects are up, and many a foreign […]
  • IRS Warns Taxpayers of Phone Scams
    During the closing process, the Central Florida closing agents at Real Estate Closing Solutions of Florida will help you allocate your taxes depending on whether you’re buying or selling a home. While you can expect to deal […]
  • Orlando Housing Market Begins to Cool During Summer Heat
    Over the last few years, the Orlando housing market has seen some severe highs and lows. With the market continuing to boom and values to increase up through June, it looks as though the days of prices increasing by 2 to 3 […]
  • Upcoming Construction Projects Bring New Jobs to Orlando
    As is the case in most markets across the country, the health of Orlando’s economy is often indicated by the status of upcoming construction projects, as well as the housing market on a whole. Thus, the influx of upcoming […]
  • An Opportunity to Reconnect With Clients and Provide Great Value
    Recently, a creative business solicitation has been circulating throughout Central Florida, finding its way into mailboxes across the region–including some of your former clients’ letter drops. This letter from the […]
  • Measure Twice, Build Once
    In a bizarre turn of events, a Rhode Island developer was recently asked to remove a $1.8 million home that they had built in 2009, citing that the structure was mistakenly built on reserved park land. After the home was […]
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