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Our team at Real Estate Closing Solutions (RECS) appreciates and understands the critical role Realtors play in real estate transactions. We take our responsibilities to facilitate transactions from Pre-Listing, to contract, to a successful closing very seriously. Our vision is to partner with Realtors to grow their listings, identify new buyers and provide a positive closing experience for future referrals! Check out our Realtor Services for best practices, short sale resources, CE education and more!
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RECS was the first to develop and offer guaranteed 24/7 on-line rate quotes that align to the Good Faith Estimates and the final HUD-1 Closing Statement. We are committed to streamline the lender’s process via on-line tools and hands-on servicing options to free loan officers of time-consuming tasks. Our vision is to partner with lenders to increase efficiencies, provide for a positive borrower experience and free our lender customers to grow their business!
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The average consumer does not buy, sell, borrow or refinance real estate on a regular basis, so the process can be confusing. Adding to the stress, many consumers don’t know who in their local markets are best qualified to council and represent them as a trusted Realtor or mortgage lender. Our goal is to educate and empower consumers and refer proven, trustworthy and knowledgeable local real estate professionals. Who else is in a better position to know the key players than RECS who deals extensively with local Realtors and lenders every day.
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  • An Opportunity to Reconnect With Clients and Provide Great Value
    Recently, a creative business solicitation has been circulating throughout Central Florida, finding its way into mailboxes across the region–including some of your former clients’ letter drops. This letter from the […]
  • Measure Twice, Build Once
    In a bizarre turn of events, a Rhode Island developer was recently asked to remove a $1.8 million home that they had built in 2009, citing that the structure was mistakenly built on reserved park land. After the home was […]
  • Orlando’s Median Home Price Continues to Rise
    For the fourth month in a row during 2014, Orlando’s median home prices once again increased in May, coming to reach $165,000. This figure is the highest it has been since 2008, yet another sign that the Orlando housing market […]
  • Central Florida REALTORS Continue to See Income Boosts
    The recently-released National Association of REALTORS 2014 Member Profile reveals that the average income for a REALTORS in 2013 rose to $47,700, a significant 9.6 percent increase from 2012’s $43,500. Both of these figures […]
  • Prominent Real Estate Firm Under Fire from CFPB
    RealtySouth, the largest real estate firm in Alabama, is facing serious consequences with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) for providing clients with inadequate disclosures. The firm is being ordered to pay […]
  • 20 Percent of All US Housing Markets Expecting Record Highs
    An astounding 20 percent of all housing markets across the United States are expected to see record-breaking high prices within the year.  Nationwide, home values increased by 0.5 percent between the fourth quarter of 2013 and […]
  • Boomerang Buyers Get a Boost from the FHA
    In Orlando real estate news, the FHA has recently announced a new program for previous owners of distressed properties, known as the “Back to Work” program.  Under current regulations, homeowners who had previously lost […]
  • Orlando Home Prices Expected to Level Out in 2014
    2013 was a record-breaking year in the realm of Orlando’s real estate market.  By December, prices had increased by about 33% as compared to the previous year, bringing them to the highest rate they had been in years. […]
  • Long & Foster Team Facing Class-Action Suit Over Kickbacks
    Long & Foster, one of the highest-volume Realtor teams in the United States, is currently facing allegations of marketing agreements with settlement service providers, according to the legal experts at the Housing and Urban […]
  • February Brought Promising News for Orlando Real Estate
    As compared to January of this year, Orlando’s home inventory, sales, and median price saw increases across the board.  This is great news for Orlando real estate and the region as a whole, especially since the spring selling […]
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